Used Sig Sauer P6 9MM W/Box 2 Mags



Used Sig Sauer P6 9MM W/Box 2 Mags for sale

Used Sig Sauer P6 Surplus Pistol 9mm W/Box Two 9 round magazines. The SIG Sauer P6 Pistol is one of the most widely used police pistols in Germany. Originally designed for the Swiss Army who wanted a new pistol that provided excellent reliability with a low manufacturing cost, it proved to be one of the most successful SIG pistols ever designed. The SIG Sauer P6 is a specialized variant of the P225 that was produced specifically to conform to the mid-1970s West German police requirements for their new standard pistol. Officers found the P6 to be 100% reliable, extremely accurate, and the size of the P6 made it easy to carry both concealed or on a duty belt. Interesting fact the P6’s hammer notch exists so the hammer spur will bend or break off if the P6 is dropped on its hammer. Features 3.9″ barrel and is Double/Single action with Decocker. Standard Black Fixed Steel Sights. Great Condition.


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